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What Is Children's Orthodontics?

Children’s orthodontics refers to orthodontic treatment for patients under the age of 18 when treatment is most effective and beneficial. Children’s orthodontics may begin as early as age 7 and can include a wide variety of treatments.

Benefits of Children’s Orthodontics

Children’s orthodontics offers many benefits, such as:

Improved chewing capabilities. Orthodontic treatment can align the teeth and bite so that children can chew food effectively for proper nutrition and digestion.
Proper speech development. Properly aligned teeth aid in speech development and pronunciation.
Proper breathing habits. Orthodontic treatment can help children develop proper breathing techniques (avoid mouth breathing and encourage breathing through the nose).
Improved smile. Children feel more confident when they have properly aligned teeth and a natural-looking smile.

Procedures Offered

We provide the following orthodontic treatments for children:

Metal Braces

Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces consist of brackets that attach to the front side of each tooth and an archwire that connects to them to shift them into alignment.

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Clear Brackets

Clear Brackets

Clear brackets work like metal braces but they are made of tooth colored ceramic that is more discreet.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces include a type of bracket that allows the archwire to be snapped in without any attached wires or elastics.

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are like metal braces but they attach to the back side of the teeth to be less visible.

Clear Aligners


Clear aligner systems such as Invisalign and Spark are made of plastic and are virtually invisible while your teeth are being straightened.

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Two-Phase Orthodontics


Orthodontic treatment may be divided into two phases for children who need interceptive orthodontics between the ages of 7 and 9. Any of the above treatments may be included, as well as others.

Why Choose Sobler Orthodontics?

The highly qualified orthodontists and staff at Sobler Orthodontics have extensive experience working with children of all ages, including teens. We form positive relationships with our patients so that they look forward to coming to the orthodontist for treatment. Generations of families have been treated here by our father-son team. We strive to make even our youngest patients feel valued and important.

Frequently Asked Questions About Children’s Orthodontics

At what age should children have an orthodontic evaluation?

Children should be evaluated for orthodontic purposes by the age of 7. Some children will need early treatment (called interceptive orthodontics) at this age, but many will not. After the first evaluation, periodic monitoring appointments will take place yearly or twice a year until the time is right to begin treatment.

What is the best age to start orthodontic treatment?

The best age to start orthodontic treatment varies from one patient to another. Some patients may need early treatment and some won’t need to start until they are older. The average age for orthodontic treatment is between the ages of 11 and 14.

What is two-phase orthodontics?

Sometimes treatment needs to be divided into two parts. Children who need early treatment may need to start around the age of 7 or 8, and then won’t need additional treatment until the age of 11-13.

Can children have clear aligners?

Clear aligners can sometimes be an effective treatment for younger patients, but it depends on a few factors. The extent of the corrections a child needs may mean they are not eligible for clear aligners. Clear aligner systems also require a certain level of responsibility that may be better suited for older children or teenagers.

Do lingual braces work as well as traditional braces?

Lingual braces can be just as effective as traditional braces for treating most orthodontic conditions. There may be some cases where traditional braces are necessary to achieve the desired results.

How long does orthodontic treatment take for children?

Orthodontic treatment for children can often take less time than it does for adults. When the jaw is still growing it is easier for the teeth to be shifted and the shape of the jaw to be adjusted. Treatment times vary, but the average time in braces is 1-3 years.

How much does orthodontic treatment cost for children?

The average cost varies based on the type of treatment your child needs. It will also depend on your dental insurance and whether or not it includes coverage for orthodontics.