Clear Aligners in New City, NY

Clear Aligners

Sobler Orthodontics provides clear aligners in New City, New York. Call 845-634-3560 or contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are an orthodontic treatment used to straighten the teeth using clear plastic retainer-like trays. Treatment consists of a series of aligners that are worn for about 2 weeks each in consecutive order. Each aligner is slightly different to gradually shift the teeth into proper alignment.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a popular orthodontic treatment due to the following benefits:

Discreet. Clear aligners are essentially invisible on your teeth, allowing you to straighten your teeth discreetly.
Comfortable. The aligners are made of smooth plastic that won’t irritate the soft tissues of your mouth. There are no wires that can poke the inside of your cheeks and lips.
Convenient. Aligners are removable for eating and cleaning your teeth. There are no food restrictions and no special brushing and flossing tools or techniques.
Shorter treatment. Orthodontic treatment with clear aligners tends to be shorter than braces treatment.

Types of Clear Aligners We Offer

We provide the following clear aligner treatments:

Invisalign. Invisalign was the original clear aligner system and remains one of the top brands.
Spark Clear Aligners. Spark is a newer version of clear aligners using a slightly different type of plastic that is thinner and more transparent.

Are You a Good Candidate for Clear Aligners?

If you want to improve your smile as well as your oral health, clear aligners may be the right treatment for you. Clear aligner systems work best for mild to moderate orthodontic cases. They are capable of correcting bite misalignment, crowding, crooked teeth, and gaps, depending on the severity. A brief evaluation can determine if clear aligners would be an effective treatment option for you.

Why Choose Sobler Orthodontics?

At Sobler Orthodontics, we believe that patients should have choices when it comes to their orthodontic treatment, which is why we offer a variety of treatment options. We also believe in technology, and we use it to your advantage when it comes to planning and implementing your orthodontic treatment. Clear aligner systems are the latest technology in orthodontics, and we are equipped to provide it for patients who are ideal candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Aligners

Do clear aligners work as well as braces?

Clear aligners are just as effective as braces in many situations. Patients who need mild to moderate orthodontic corrections can be treated successfully with clear aligners. Only severe orthodontic cases may not be treatable with clear aligners and may require braces.

Are clear aligners more expensive than braces?

The cost of clear aligners is comparable to the cost of braces. You can choose the type of treatment that works best for you without the cost being a factor.

Are clear aligner systems on the internet as effective?

We provide Invisalign and Spark clear aligners because we believe in the quality and effectiveness of these products. Other clear aligner systems are available online, and we can’t vouch for the effectiveness of these options. With Invisalign and Spark, we provide the treatment and monitor your progress along the way.

Can clear aligners treat an overbite?

Most overbites and other types of bite misalignment can be corrected with clear aligners. Severe bite misalignment may require braces depending on the situation.

Does insurance cover clear aligners?

If your dental insurance plan includes coverage for orthodontics, clear aligners usually qualify. Contact your insurance provider for more specific information about coverage for orthodontic treatment.

How old do you have to be to get Invisalign®?

There is no age limit to Invisalign. Patients from older children to adults can be treated with Invisalign with a recommendation from your orthodontist.

How much do I need to wear my aligners?

It is best to wear your aligners as much as possible, at least 22 hours a day for effective results. If you don’t wear them enough your treatment may take longer than the initial estimate.

How do you clean the aligners?

We recommend brushing your aligners with a soft-bristled toothbrush (not the same one you use for your teeth) and a clear, unscented soap. This removes bacteria and food residue to keep your aligners clear and discreet.